Spotlight English Learner’s Book Grade 4 (Approved)



Key Features of the Book:

  • Covers all the strands, sub-strands and learning outcomes of the English Grade 4 Competency-Based Curriculum Design.
  • Relevant learning experiences are provided in form of activities within the level of the learners.
  • All the four language skills, concepts and competences are addressed as per curriculum demands.
  • Encourages learner-centred learning approaches by use of practical and group-work activities with examples.
  • Attractive full colour illustrations are used to clarify language concepts.
  • Develops concepts by using environment and real-life experiences to foster skills, attitudes and values in learners.
  • Numerous and relevant Assessment Activities have been carefully developed per language skill.
  • Review tasks and Sum-it-up activities are provided for each strand for formative assessment.
  • Learner-centred approaches, discovery-based and inquiry-based activities have been applied to develop concepts, core competences, values and Pertinent and Contemporary Issues (PCls).
  • A Teacher’s Guide is available for this title.

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