Solving Problems KCSE Mathematics Paper 2

KCSE Mathematics Paper 2 contains a total of 672 questions in 28 KCSE model examination papers. It is divided into three parts:

Part one contains 10 solved KCSE model examination papers with a full marking scheme. In the marking scheme, alongside each solved question, the type of mark and the reason for awarding that mark is given at the stage where the mark matures. This is intended to instil the importance of ‘method’ in working out Mathematics questions.

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The Author has selected the simplest method of solving each question. Alternative methods of solving the same questions may exist. Finding these methods has been left out deliberately as a challenge to the reader.

Part two contains 18 unsolved KCSE model examination papers which are set in line with the solved KCSE model examination papers of part one. This is intended to provide the reader with ample practice exercises.

Part three contains answers to the unsolved KCSE model examination papers.

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