K.C.S.E Made Familiar workbooks are a series of revision books meant to make K.C.S.E. familiar to learners.

The benefits of these workbooks to learners are immense always result in improved grades. Some of the benefits include :- provision of past K.C.S.E. questions in their original form, arranged in topics, and in the respective forms in which the topics are taught.

  • provision of answers, which help learners to work independently.
  • exposure of learners to exam-type questions in various topics, thus helping learners to:
  • internalize concepts by practising questions from topics already taught in class.
  • relate what they are taught in class with K.C.S.E. thereby making questions familiar.
  • identify their weak areas and aim to continually improve in these areas.
  • build confidence through answering/working out questions on any given topic.
  • helping teachers make revision easy and interesting to learners.

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