Erasers are used at homes, offices, and schools – it is a product with universal requirement. That is why you should keep a box of them close by as they might be needed any time!

  • Versatile – Erasers have a vast number of applications. For instance, they can be used for exams, essays and everyday writing, remove mistakes from reports, correct lines in drawings, and so on, to keep pages neat and free of errors.
  • Good Quality – Made of Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR), each eraser is quite pliable and soft, while being non-abrasive so it doesn’t scuff writing surfaces. It is 100% latex-free as well.
  • Clean Finish – Erasers remove pencil marks effectively without tearing the paper. It is also smudge resistant, so your notes and drawings remain clean.
  • Convenient Design – The rectangular shape comes with sharp corners and flat faces so you can erase both fine details and large areas. These generously sized erasers ensure you have the ability to fix mistakes at all times.
  • No Marks – Colourful, cartoon themed, or animal shaped erasers might look more fun, but they often leave residue and ugly marks behind, which can prove to be huge inconvenience. You can’t submit a paper or report with coloured spots on it, but repeatedly rubbing the coloured portion could lead to the paper getting torn. As mentioned, a white eraser poses no such problems.



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