OUP Everyday Hygiene & Nutrition Activities grade 1(Approved)

Learner’s Book – Grade I

Everyday Hygiene and Nutrition Activities is a new series for the new competency-based curriculum. It is specially written to provide practical experiences that equip learners with the basic knowledge. skills and attitudes that promote a happy and healthy lifestyle. The books in the series provide a range of activities that learners will find exciting and motivating. The activities are aimed at enabling learners to acquire the core competences, values, and pertinent and contemporary issues (PCIs).

This Learner’s Book covers the new competency-based curriculum by providing:

  • topics that are structured according to strands and sub-strands as outlined in the new Competency-based Curriculum
  • a ‘How to use this book section’ which helps teachers and learners interact with the book better
  • real-life situations where learners can apply creativity and critical thinking skills in solving everyday problems
  • a ‘Let us Do’ section that carries teamwork and collaboration activities through which the learners apply what they have learnt in order to create new knowledge
  • a’ Take home’ section that allows learning to take place in class, at home and in the surroundings


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