Beginning Music Grade 4 – Moran


Beginning Music is a course developed to meet the requirements of the Competency Based Curriculum. The course has been prepared after in-depth research to enable learners acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, values and attitudes. It has plenty of activities that stimulate learning, nurture learners’ skills, competencies and talents, make the learning process enjoyable, and instill values and attitudes specified in the curriculum design.

The course:

  • Encourages the use of learning materials from the learner’s immediate environment thus giving the learner an opportunity to appreciate the environment
  • Has a variety of activities which enable learners to explore and learn
  • Covers all the specific learning outcomes in the design
  • Has activities which integrate the core competencies, values, and pertinent and contemporary issues
  • Has activities to encourage parental involvement in the learning process
  • Has activities which encourage learners to nurture their talent in music
  • Has activities that enable learners to appreciate and improve their community.


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