Achievers English Model KCPE Examination Papers is an outstanding revision book that: – has 20 KCPE model examination papers which follow the KCPE examination format and criteria of selection of questions has up to date hints and bps on how to excel in KCPE English examinations provides answers to all questions has a simple yet attractive design that makes it easy to use has standard Kenya National Examination Council instructions for each subject.


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You can be a great Achiever! Achievers Model KCPE Examination Papers is a new series that is specially written to make you an achiever. Each book in the series is written by experienced teachers and examiners. They comprehensively test the new primary syllabus and adhere closely to the formats used in KCPE examination. To the KCPE candidate, they are the surest route to the highest achievement in KCPE. To the teacher and examiner, they are the ultimate examination manuals.

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